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                  If you plan on building a home, here's some important information regarding your septic system!


As you may, or may not know, new statewide home sewage treatment system rules took effect in Ohio on January 1, 2015. Under the new home sewage treatment system rules for permits issued on or after January 1, 2015, site and soil evaluations must be obtained from certified soil scientists before a local health department can issue a home sewage treatment system permit to a property owner. In addition, a home sewage treatment system must be designed by a home sewage treatment system designer before a local health department can issue a home sewage treatment system permit to a property owner. It is important to note that no certified soil scientists currently reside in Ashtabula County. Moreover, at the present time, a significant backlog of site and soil evaluations currently exist with some certified soil scientists that have conducted site and soil evaluation in Ashtabula County. Recently, one certified soil scientist who has done extensive work in Ashtabula County reports that he has a back log of at least two months for site and soil evaluations. There is also an additional wait time that pertains to home sewage treatment system designers. It is vital that if property owners plan on installing home sewage treatment systems under the new Ohio Home Sewage Treatment System Rules, that they do not delay in contacting a certified soil scientist and home sewage treatment system designer to start this process as soon as possible. Property owners should bear in mind that due to the long winter season and wet fall and spring conditions that beset Ashtabula County, the period to install home sewage treatment systems in Ashtabula County may be limited to the months of May through October. It needs to be noted that property owners who take prompt steps to obtain approved site and soil evaluations, as well as approved home sewage treatment system designs will likely increase their chances of avoiding major delays in obtaining home sewage treatment system permits from the Ashtabula County Health Department. On a final and important note, property owners who obtained home sewage treatment system permits or home sewage treatment system site evaluations in 2014 are not subject to obtaining site and soil evaluations from certified soil specialists or home sewage treatment system designs from home sewage treatment system designers. For more information on this matter, contact the Ashtabula County Health Department at 440-576-6010 Option 3 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays





So...You may be wondering...what happens next? Well, if our current (continued) level of activity is any indication, it sure looks like our local market is beginning to rebound. More and more often, we're finding ourselves in multiple offer situations. So buyers ARE still competitive - and with the current interest rates still hovering in the 3-5% range on a 30 year fixed...its STILL a great time to get a loan.

BUT.... although its still a GREAT market for buyers...its not the "Buyer's Market" that it HAS been for the last few years. More and more of my buyer clients are competing over listings...and more and more of my seller clients are holding firm on their asking prices.



CURIOUS ABOUT ALL THIS GAS/OIL TALK? THINK WE'LL BE A BOOMING "HOT SPOT" IN THE UPCOMING YEARS? So hard to separate fact and fiction - but if you HAVE a large acreage, and you have questions, please don't hesitate to call or contact me. Don't sign a lease without some solid due diligence and legal advice.


 BUYERS...DO YOU WANT TO BUY WITH NO MONEY DOWN? YOU CAN STILL DO IT. Ask me about low or no down payment loans.

SELLERS!! IF YOU ARE FACING FORECLOSURE, try the links on the left to the Governor's website, the "Making Home Affordable" Treasury site or the site. You can also call 888-995-4673!

IF YOU ARE BEHIND ON YOUR HOUSE PAYMENTS, PLEASE CALL ME.  DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOU'VE MISSED 4 OR 5 PAYMENTS TO DO SOMETHING.  CALL TODAY. There are possible options you may not know about, such as loan mods and short sales. Please don't wait until its too late to do something - call me or send a confidential e-mail.

I'm now certified as a Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist - let me help...!



The listings featured here are only a very few of what is available. For hundreds of available listings, please give me a call or an e-mail. Although you may search our MLS base by using the "search MLS listings' feature at the top of the page, it may not have the most current (or accurate) information. Call me and I'll set your search up corrrectly and in the detail needed to make it more specific to your needs!!

Looking for HUD homes?? We're also a licensed HUD Broker. Call me for the location of all the HUD homes for sale in our area!! (Or use the Link I've provided in the left sidebar!)

 SELLERS -   THERE'S NO CHARGE TO LIST YOUR HOME...! You pay nothing until I sell it! Please give me a call to discuss your home sale and a free market value assessment of your home. We're seeing an increase in sales so its important to price your home correctly at the beginning. If you are like many homeowners currently "upside down" on your mortgage...CALL me to discuss the ins and outs of a short sale....


 BUYERS - find an agent you like and trust, and stick with themNow more than ever, its important to use an experienced Realtor to guide you through an increasingly difficult loan process. Its easy to jump from site to site, agent to agent. Find a good one - and use that agent for ALL your information - lending assistance, "comps", inspection company lists, showings, EVERYTHING! How many homes has the agent sold? How long has he/she been licensed? Will he/she know where to look for prior selling prices? Aerial photos? Water and sewer information?   If you've been "shopping", the time to buy is now. With the new lending laws in place, fewer foreclosures will occur as we move into the upcoming year. As existing bank properties clear the market, privately owned homes will cycle back up to their normal values. If you are going to be one of the "lucky" buyers, who bought when it was YOUR market, the time is NOW..! 








You can go on HUD's website and see which homes are currently for sale by HUD. The site contains reports and information that can give you additional inspection details on each home. Call me to get inside; we're a licensed HUD office and I can submit your HUD offer on-line. Some of these are REALLY GOOD deals...! Click:

Your Area Weather...brought to you by Carole...

HUD Houses! We are a licensed HUD Broker! Call me for info!

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27 photos
3898-3904 State Route 46 Lenox Township
51 photos
1601 Plymouth Gageville Road
12 photos
1538 Harpersfield Road
40 photos
3500 Mill Road
40 photos
5921 Paine Road Leroy Township Painesville
50 photos
2588 State Route 193
35 photos
708 Jonquil Lane
29 photos
595 Thrush Drive
29 photos
666 Fairway Drive Jefferson
40 photos
1601 Plymouth Gageville Road Plymouth Township OH
40 photos
1793 Dodgeville Road
50 photos
2905 E Center Street
15 photos
6215 North Ridge Road
17 photos
4136 Main Ave.
21 photos
5759 Route 20
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